Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life used to be easier

Why is that I always take too much on board. I'm trying to have acalmer life yet I always seem have to many self targets. Heres the list that I have currently.
1) Redesign Theora Plugin for BlitzMax so that it can create Theora movies.
2) Adding a web crawler to RichMosaic
3) Working on a secret project.. something I like to call 'Project A' ;-)
4) Working on a puzzle game for the PC.
5) Full time job

Thats just my coding life.. I've yet to mention the never ending DIY list from my beautiful wife.

For those that may also be interested.. at the end of summer a friend and me will be cycling from Geneva to Montpellier for charity. The route and charity are yet to be decided. I will probably keep you all updated (If there is any one out there)

Anyhows... one day I may get a RichMosaic update to you.

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